How It Works

In the first year, we will meet with you in order to help you organize, understand and take control of your financial activities.

These meetings can range between one and two hours. Although there is a set structure for the planning and meeting process, we strive to be sensitive to your needs and can rearrange the order of the meetings to address a pressing issue requiring immediate attention. The meetings are highly interactive as we learn more about your situation and tailor our advice to your circumstances. The team working with you will include:

  •  A Financial Advisor, who will be your primary contact person and will participate in each meeting.
  •  Nathan Gendelman, Director of Investments, who will participate in relevant meetings.
  •  An Associate Financial Advisor and/or Paraplanner, who will support in the delivery of our services to you.

The meetings are structured to ensure we achieve a comprehensive view of the varied aspects of your financial life:

  • Using the comprehensive data you will have provided to us, we will present and discuss our perspective on your overall financial picture as well as address your particular concerns. Some of the things we include in our financial analysis include:

    • A comprehensive summary of your assets and liabilities.
    • A summary of all your annual income sources and expenditures which enables us to review and plan for current and future savings and expenditures.
    • A review of your current and future taxable income, deductions, and projected tax brackets in order to understand your tax situation and identify potential tax strategies.
    • Long-term projections and review of your goals for retirement: We have the ability to create multiple “what if” scenarios so that you also understand how changes in the assumptions we use impact you in the long term, whether that may be understanding the consequences of early retirement, buying a second home, or family gifting.
  • We will review the basic tenets of proper portfolio management and present your investment plan. Our advice will consider your short and long term goals, tax considerations, existing investments, cash flow needs and the cost of implementing recommendations. Before implementing the plan on your behalf. we give you an opportunity to discuss which areas you would like to focus on more than others and make adjustments as needed.

    We pride ourselves in the fact that our clients each have an individualized investment plan and portfolio, tailored to where they are in life, and what their own situation dictates. We are completely unbiased in our investment recommendations, and receive no compensation from anyone besides our clients.

  • We will review your various insurance policies from automobile to long-term care to life insurance. We will comment on the quality and cost of the existing coverage as well as make recommendations for termination or additional coverage where necessary. We will review your current estate plan with you to confirm that it meets your goals and objectives for your family. If changes are necessary, we are happy to attend any meetings involving your estate planning attorney and work closely to ensure your estate plan effectively implements your wishes. If you do not currently have an estate plan and need to engage an attorney, we will assist you in selecting the appropriate individual to work with.

  • We frequently schedule a 4th formal meeting with our clients during this first year to review where we stand and what remains on the “to-do” list.

    Beyond the first year, we will meet with you at least once annually, although we are always available to meet more frequently or when an issue has arisen. At these annual meetings, we will review all aspects of your financial situation, evaluate the long-term projections, and present and discuss investment results.

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