What We Offer

We provide a comprehensive approach to help you see yourself in the bigger financial picture. By working with other financial professionals like CPAs, estate attorneys, insurance professionals, social workers, etc., we provide you with advice that takes into consideration various aspects of your life. Our services include:

Investment Management

Estate Planning

Asset Protection Strategies

Tax Strategizing

Retirement Planning

Helping you evaluate housing in retirement

Education Planning

Charitable Giving Strategies

How It Works

In the first year, we will meet with you in order to help you organize, understand and take control of your financial activities.

These meetings can range between one and two hours. Although there is a set structure for the planning and meeting process, we strive to be sensitive to your needs and can rearrange the order of the meetings to address a pressing issue requiring immediate attention. The meetings are highly interactive as we learn more about your situation and tailor our advice to your circumstances. The team working with you will include:

  1. A Family Firm Financial Advisor, who will be your primary contact person and will participate in each meeting.
  2. Nathan Gendelman, Family Firm Director of Investments, who will participate in relevant meetings.
  3. An Associate Financial Advisor and/or paraplanner, who will support in the delivery of our services to you.

The meetings are structured to ensure we achieve a comprehensive view of the varied aspects of your financial life:

Meeting 1: Overall Financial Security and Big Picture Perspective
Meeting 2: Investment Plan and Portfolio Recommendations
Meeting 3: Asset Protection and Estate Planning
Meeting 4: Review, Follow-up and Looking Forward (Optional)

What It Costs

We charge a flat fee that covers all of our services. It is payable quarterly and is recalculated twice each year. The fee is computed as a percentage of the investments we are supervising, according to the following fee schedule:

  • First $1,000,000 of investment assets 1.00% per year
  • $1,000,001 but less than $4,000,000 of investment assets 0.8% per year
  • Above $4,000,000 of investment assets 0.35% per year